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February 2014:  Hugs for Soldiers is happy to announce that many of our adopted troops will start returning home from Afghanistan within the next 6-7 months as the drawdown continues.  Because of this, we are no longer accepting new applications to adopt an individual Soldier.  However, if you are a member of the military, we will be happy to receive your application for continued support.




 "A Letter Can Light the Darkness Night to me and my Marines"...

This is not a formal campaign by a large corporation -- but an "up close and personal" opportunity for supportive Americans to offer encouragement and prayer to a U.S. Soldier serving our nation.

Being separated for 12 months is very difficult for all involved -- spouses, children, parents, friends and primarily for the Soldier.   I am sure that after a while, it gets very difficult for these Soldiers to keep a positive attitude toward the mission they are carrying out.

Our Soldiers love to receive mail. Many of these Soldiers are single and there are those that receive little or no mail. Almost any type of mail brightens a Soldier's day. This is a powerful way for "us" to show our appreciation and support to these Soldiers while they endure this time of separation duty to their country.

We welcome families, individuals, churches, classrooms, scouts and civic groups who are willing to commit to the following:

1. Send notes of encouragement (possibly every week or two).

2. Send a care package (every four to five weeks).

3. PRAY for your Soldier's health and safety during their deployment.

If you live within the United States and would like to adopt one of our Soldiers or if you are a Soldier and would like to be adopted, please contact us for an application at:

For the safety and security of our Soldiers, all families, individuals, and groups must complete an application with your name, mail and email addresses and phone number. Children under the age of 18 must have a parent, guardian, adult leader, teacher, etc., fill out an application for you. Once your application is received, you will be mailed the name and address of your Soldier who would love to hear from you.