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YOU ALONE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE: From writing letters and cards, making a donation, to a few minutes of your time, there is something here for everybody.


CARE PACKAGES: Your donation allows us to mail a Care Package to a Soldier who is in need of  support.  Please look at our "Care Package" list for more information.


TEACHERS CAN HELP: Your students can get involved in writing letters, decorating cards or collecting items to send. What a great way to teach our young generation about community service!


BUSINESS: Businesses can get involved by making a donation or collecting items.


CHURCH: Prayer is the first and most important! Sunday School classes can collect items for Care Packages, as can Mother's Morning Out programs, Youth Groups or Senior Groups, even special times of year such as Vacation Bible School.


VOLUNTEERS: There are several ways you can volunteer to help. You can volunteer your time by packing Care Packages or you can hold fundraisers, etc. You could participate in our many projects by simply coordinating a drive with your neighborhood, school, church, Scouts, or place of work. It is by having so many different volunteers that we can reach out and give our Soldiers 'HUGS" from all who care back home. If you have ideas or would like to volunteer, please email us.


ORGANIZATIONS: Scouts can make a difference in a Soldier's life by collecting items for Care Packages. This is a great service project. Get your neighborhood associations or clubs to become involved. Challenge other groups to do the same. Talk to your community organizations such as Rotary Club, Kiwanis, or American Legion and see if they might hold a fundraiser or drive for our Soldiers.


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