Christmas for a Soldier


Care Package Items:


SNACKS:  (Please, no expired food)


  • Hot chocolate, apple cider, teas, ground coffee 

  • Microwave popcorn

  • Holiday candy (small unopened bags) - chocolate is acceptable (October - February only)

  • Granola bars, protein/energy bars, cereal bars

  • Slim Jims or beef jerky

  • Trail mix, dried fruit, fruit snacks

  • Nuts

  • Gum


  • Ziploc bags for packing food items

  • A new pair of socks (white/black athletic)

  • Holiday decorations - lightweight and unbreakable

  • Puzzle books (Crosswords, Sudoku, Word Find), holiday writing pens or pencils

  • Holiday-themed lip balm (wrapping & scent)

CHRISTMAS CARDS:  handmade or retail cards signed by you with a note of thanks.  PLEASE NO GLITTER!  It does not travel well over 10-14 days.  Do not attach items to cards that will fall off during shipment.



  • Use a durable box and size according to the number of donations you are sending.  Do not use a large box and only fill it halfway.  The items will get damaged and the box arrives to us crushed on top.  Make sure your items are secure and packed well.  

  • To protect your items in the event of box damage during transit, we suggest you enclose the contents in Ziploc  bags.

Monetary donations are appreciated to help purchase items not received and to help with shipping costs.  Checks are made payable to HUGS FOR SOLDIERS, DFUMC and mailed to HUGS FOR SOLDIERS, P.O. Box 2887, Duluth, GA  30096 or go to Duluth First United Methodist Church Online Giving - click on Miscellaneous Gift and specify "Support Our Troops/Hugs for Soldiers."  

Mailing Address for packages:


Duluth First United Methodist Church

3208 Duluth Hwy. 120

Duluth, GA  30096






As we gather together with our families to celebrate Christmas this year, there will be many families missing loves ones who are serving our country overseas.  It is important for us to remember as we celebrate Christmas in the safety and comfort of our homes, the contributions and sacrifices our military are making on our behalf.  Many Troops do not have the family support to send them holiday greetings!  Let's come together and send some holiday cheer.


Donations must reach us by November 24, 2021