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operation: Taste of home 2024



Girl Scout cookies are a great symbol of America.  In fact, Girl Scout Cookies continue to be one of the most requested items by Soldiers.  


Show your support for our Soldiers and your local Girl Scouts by purchasing an EXTRA box or two of Cookies.  This is a wonderful community service project for our Girl Scouts along with their families, friends, neighbors to support our troops.  Soldiers are in stressful situations, but when they receive a box of cookies from home, it sends a message to the troops that America is thinking of them and their safe return. 


GS Cookie Box:  You are invited to attach a small personal note on every cookie box.  Girl Scout Leaders or adults only may include their personal e-mail address for Soldiers to reply.   Thank you for participating  in this program. 

Cookies may be mailed or dropped off:


Duluth First United Methodist Church

3208 Duluth Highway 120

Duluth, GA  30096

Cookie donations may be dropped off in our donation box located inside the back entrance to the Family Life Center.


A Soldier wrote to us:


“The 988th Military Police Company Headquarters platoon out of Fort Benning, Georgia, would like to Thank You for the Girl Scout Cookies.  We have enjoyed getting a Taste of Home.  Our platoon enjoys the cookies on our down time after work or for a snack during our long days.  When we receive these gifts, we are grateful that people think about us and share with us the pleasures of the simple things, such as Girl Scout Cookies.  We appreciate your support.  It is a wonderful moral boost when you take care of us  The platoon has enjoyed the cookies and we all thank you for all your support".

Hugs for Soldiers is a partner with the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta in getting thousands of Girl Scout Cookies into the hands of military troops around the world.



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