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Deployed Troops


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HUGS FOR SOLDIERS is grateful for your dedication, loyalty, and your sacrifice.  We hope our care packages give you a brief respite from the stress of being deployed overseas and being away from loved ones.  If you would like to be adopted and receive a care package, please contact us for an application or by sending us the following information to


  • Name

  • Rank

  • Military Branch

  • Unit

  • Deployment Location

  • Male or Female

  • Email Address of Deployed Member (in case we need to clarity address, rotation date)

  • Stop Mail Date Required (to avoid boxes being returned to us)

  • Mailing Address



  • Name of person submitting information other than service member

  • Relationship to service member

  • Email address


We would greatly appreciate it if you would advise us via email if your address changes during your deployment to avoid having our care packages returned to us.


Don't forget to send pictures.  We can always use your suggestions to make care packages better.  







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