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 "A Letter Can Light the Darkness Night to me and my Marines"...







The purpose of the Hugs for Soldiers effort is to "provide encouragement to U.S. military personnel."  Our emphasis is on showing our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines in combat zones that we truly appreciate their service and sacrifice.  If you live within the United States and would like to adopt one of our Soldiers, please email us for an application at


Our Soldiers love to receive mail. Many of these Soldiers are single and there are those that receive little or no mail. Almost any type of mail brightens a Soldier's day. This is a powerful way for "us" to show our appreciation and support to these Soldiers while they endure this time of separation duty to their country.  A weekly letter to your Soldier will give him/her the added morale they so deeply need!



For the safety and security of our Soldiers, all families, individuals, and groups must complete an application. Children under the age of 18 must have a parent or adult leader fill out an application for you. Once your application is received, you will be mailed the name and address of your Soldier who would love to hear from you.





  • Write your Soldier a weekly letter.  Continue to send your Soldier a weekly letter whether you hear from your Soldier or not as these weekly letters will let the Soldiers know you have not forgotten them even though they have not been able to contact you.


  • Send a care package (every four to five weeks).  Be aware that it can take two weeks for these Soldiers to receive incoming mail and packages.


  • Remember, all the Soldiers who register are in a combat situation so there is no guarantee that all Soldiers will write back or thank you for care packages that are sent.


  • PRAY for your Soldier's health and safety during their deployment.








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